Advisory EM13/2004: Samba 3.x QFILEPATHINFO unicode filename buffer overflow

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Advisory: Samba 3.x QFILEPATHINFO unicode filename buffer overflow
Release Date: 2004/11/15
Last Modified: 2004/11/15
Author: Stefan Esser []

Application: Samba 3 <= 3.0.7
Severity: A buffer overflow inside the QFILEPATHINFO request
handler allows remote code execution
Risk: Critical
Vendor Status: Vendor has released a bugfixed version.


Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless
file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba is freely
available under the GNU General Public License.

During an audit of the Samba 3.x codebase a unicode filename buffer
overflow within the handling of TRANSACT2_QFILEPATHINFO replies
was discovered that allows remote execution of arbitrary code.

Exploiting this vulnerability is possible through every Samba user
if a special crafted pathname exists. If such a path does not exist
the attacker needs write access to one of the network shares.


The SMB specification allows clients to specify a maximum amount
of data bytes that the server is allowed to return in a single

When Samba 3.x receives a TRANSACT2_QFILEPATHINFO request with
this field set to f.e. zero this can lead to an overflow of a
unicode filename when constructing the reply.

This is caused by the fact that Samba <= 3.0.7 reads this field,
allocates 1024 bytes more than wanted and then writes the reply
into this buffer without any kind of size check. While this
behaviour was sufficient enough to protect against overflows in
Samba 2.x the correction of the replies for the info_levels
full pathname strings allows overflowing the reserved buffer

By using unicode chars within filenames this allows to overwrite
malloc()/free() control structures and therefore allows remote
code execution.

Proof of Concept:

e-matters is not going to release an exploit for this vulnerability
to the public.

Disclosure Timeline:

24. September 2004 - Made initial contact with the Samba Team
25. September 2004 - Samba Team has fixed the bug in CVS
26. September 2004 - Disclosure was delayed on our side because
of another issue that was suppossed to get
disclosed at the same time
08. November 2004 - Samba Team released 3.0.8 without noticing
us because they were convinced that the bug
is not exploitable
15. November 2004 - Public Disclosure

CVE Information:

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has
assigned the name CAN-2004-0882 to this issue.


Unlike several other Samba vulnerabilities within the last months
this vulnerability affects default installations of Samba 3.x and
therefore any user of Samba 3 <= 3.0.7 should upgrade as soon as


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