Hardening-Patch v0.4.14 released

11. August 2006

The Hardened-PHP Project announces the immediate release of Hardening-Patch 0.4.14

This new release comes with an important bugfix for users of PHP 5.1.x. Unfortunately the remote URL include protection was completely broken for PHP 5.1.x if you use the default Zend VM. Users of PHP 4 and or users that have called the zend_vm_gen.php script are NOT affected by this. The Hardened-PHP Project thanks Bart Vanbrabant, who has discovered this problem.

Additionally to the important fix for PHP 5.1.x users the following things were changed:
- redesigned the memory_limit protection
- added upstream security fixes for PHP
- introduces a fix for a memory corruption inside the Zend Engine 1

As usual it is recommended to use the latest Hardening-Patch. This time this is especially recommended for users of PHP 5.1.x
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